Indonesia is located in SouthEast Asia, with more than 17,000 islands. It is the Largest Archipelago Country in the world.

Consisting of 490 different ethnicities, it is known as the world’s fourth populous nation. Both its population and area are the largest in the SouthEast Asia region, and gifted with abundant natural resources. It has a high population of youth that other countries might envy.

Forty five percent of its population are under 30. Being one of the developing country, it is expected to have a strong economic growth in the future.

Why should you hire Indonesian People?

  • Strong Team Work

    They Prioritize Harmony and high tolerance in diverse ethnicity

    With the national motto of “Unity in Diversity” and over 400 ethnicities, 600 local languages, and 5 religions, Indonesia has also become one of the powerful countries in ASEAN. The locals have high tolerance for different cultures and religions, with high spirit for helping each other, and living together in harmony.

  • Full of passionate and cheerful, The kindest people in the world

    Their warm smile will brighten up your workplace

    The character of Indonesian people are warm as they grow up in an all year long hot weather. They have a kind heart that always offers a helping hand for people in need, friendly to strangers, we even heard that some companies who recruited Indonesian people have changed the workplace to be more cheerful.

  • Good Communication

    They are given the ability to learn Foreign Language easily

    Indonesia owns many local languages. Thus, they have the ability to learn new language faster than any nation. Sure they will also learn your country’s language passionately.

  • High rate of completion

    Diligent attitude towards responsibilities.

    It is prohibited in islam to run away or give up from responsibilties. Indonesian devoted muslims are diligently doing their responsibility well enough when they are given the job instructions. They will give their best in their work and duties.

  • Family is number one priority

    They rarely have big trouble with others

    There are about 90% Indonesian who are devoted to islamic religion. As they value sociability and hierarchical relationships, they are also known as the nation who respect the elders. It's easier to educate them about the importance of sociability, and hierarchical relationship with their fellows.

Indonesian Muslim Traits

Always treasuring families and people around them, lying and deception are not allowed, and believing that happiness will come by collecting good deeds. Indonesia’s good public order is taught and supported by islamic laws. Let us introduce the basic rules of Islam that might help you to connect with Indonesian people.

  • Praying 5 times a day.

    Early morning, at noon, evening, and twice at night

    If they can’t pray at work, they will pray at home so the company doesn't have to handle it. But if possible, let them pray at work.

  • Women are covering their head with hijab.

    Indonesian women are enjoying wearing hijab as fashion, but company can make rules about it such as “Please use soft color hijab” or “bright color hijab”.

  • Rules in foods & drinks, what’s allowed and what’s forbidden.

    For example, alcohol and pork are not allowed (including when it is contained in seasoning or even in processed food such as ham). Let’s take this into consideration when you are eating out together.

  • Left hand is viewed as an “unclean hand”.

    They have to use the right hand when they are holding, receiving goods, paying with money, or eating food, etc. But company don’t have to pay attention to it.

  • The head is viewed as the sacred part of the body.

    Better not to touch the head when you are complimenting or cheering up.

  • It's better not to scold in front of people.

    They also prefer personal interaction when giving advice and job instructions. Furthermore, body attitudes such as crossing arms or putting both hands on the hip are viewed as arrogant.

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